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Bluebook Advertising offers Internet Marketing and Advertising Tools that give best value.
A great place to advertise your network marketing or small business online is right here
You will get instant exposure from the search engines and the other members of the site
plus you will learn which of your ads are pulling and how to get better results not to
mention that you can get paid to advertise.

Both small and medium sized businesses alike know it is time to go Digital and Email Marketing
is just something businesses of today cannot do without.  The preferred email marketing
management tool is Benchmark Email and if you are lacking time, Benchmark can do your
email campaigns for you.

The newest channel for marketing is Mobile Marketing and we are pleased to offer marketing
services, in this arena "notes Mike Thompson, Owner of Bluebook Advertising.
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Transition your advertising and marketing efforts onto the internet and allow us
show you all the
areas that you can benefit from to get additional customers. 



  • Email Marketing Tools and Services

     BenchMark Email is the best email marketing solution for retail businesses as you get more tools and services for less money.  The email templates are exceptional, and the low prices starting at just $9.95 per month includes wonderful email marketing education and support!  Benchmark email has video and
    social media integration as well.
      Take your exclusive 30 day free trial today and no
    credit card required to do so!



  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing is a great method for creating an e-club for your business.  Deliver Coupons, Special offers, text2win contests and timely alerts to mobile phones.  Engage your customers though opt in text messaging and bring your customers back again and again.  In addition voting, polling and surveys are done easily through mobile marketing.





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